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Decontrol – The Final War (Red/Black Split)

Sorry for not posting in a long time but work has gotten all the time and attention over christmas but hopefully that is about to change.

So first post of 2017 is a record that came out in 2004 on Hardcore Holocaust Records and the music is amasing BUT the vocals are so fuckin low, wich sucks becuase its a good record.

If you are into D-Beat pick it up and support these dudes asap!!

Comes in a gatefolded sleeve with some cool artwork and in red and black color split, also released in a clear / white split vinyl and regular black vinyl.


Concrete Cross Testpress & More

Nice add to the ever growing punk/hardcore collection.

European version on black vinyl from De:nihil Records.


US Version on clear red vinyl from Man in Decline Records.

Limited to 100 ex.

US Version on Clear with black smoke from Man in Decline Records.

Limited to 200 ex.

25 Mailorder editions w/ screenprinted jackets & stamped and numbered labels.

Test Press

Hårda Tider/Night Fever Split 12″

This one was realesed for the EU tour October of 2014 and comes in 3 diffrent versions, Black (this) Grey and Purple.

Grey and purple are limited editions, dont know about the black one yet.

Realesed on Adult Crash (#31), La Familia (member 40+26) and Hårda Skivor (hs 006)

10th of October 2014.

Hårda Tider on Bandcamp.

Night Fever on Bandcamp.