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Forever Young – The Chance (7″)

Always cool to find stuff you enjoy and really like.

Hope they release more stuff soon, check it out and support!!

Released on Monument Records and I For Us Records 2010 on a limited yellow vinyl, the other version comes in black and to my knowledge is not a limited release.



M:40 split with Grace.Will.Fall (Flexidisc)

I got this cool thing for free when i ordered the Fredag den 13:e Vinyls, didnt really belive it was a actual single at first. 😀

The release was released through the Music Magazine “Close-Up Magazine” #152 July 2013 in sweden only as a single sided flexidisc.

Released on Halvfabrikat Records and Midsummer Records in 2013.

M:40                    – Diagnos (music and lyrics by M:40)
Grace.Will.Fall – Lost In The Haze (music and lyrics by grace.will.fall)





Chain Reaction/Hårda Bud Split 12″

Yet another damn good split 12″, Chain Reaction and Hårda Bud.

If u like hardcore this is the deal, both these bands kick ass like no other band..by it and support!!

This one comes in 2 diffrent versions Black version and a Transparent Green version, had to get them both:)

Dont know how many editions there are of each but when i find out ill let u all know.

Released on Monument Records (mon035) and Simpa Records (simpa001) 01 October 2012

Chain Reaction on Bandcamp.

Hårda Bud on Bandcamp.

(The Band) Convinced – Silence 7″

Some music in the mail today..dont u just love that feeling when u hear the doorbell and u just know that there is a package to big to fit in your mail box:) oh yeah!!


Part of that package was this 7″ by Convinced wich comes in 3 diffrent versions, Blue/Clear Splatter, Orange/Clear Splatter (this) and Red and Blue Transparent Splatter.

Dont know if they are limited versions but when i know i will let u all know.

Released on Words of Wisdom Records (words008) 1999.

Hårda Tider/Night Fever Split 12″

This one was realesed for the EU tour October of 2014 and comes in 3 diffrent versions, Black (this) Grey and Purple.

Grey and purple are limited editions, dont know about the black one yet.

Realesed on Adult Crash (#31), La Familia (member 40+26) and Hårda Skivor (hs 006)

10th of October 2014.

Hårda Tider on Bandcamp.

Night Fever on Bandcamp.