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Håll Det Äkta – Soul Cracks The Gold

Final record i picked up by Håll Det Äkta, and their final studio album to wich i really dislike 🙂

Love these guys so i wich they would do “comeback”.

First record in english laungage, really cool i think love the way Marc sings on this one.

Released by Monument Records, Dollar Grin Records, Startracks, The Underground Fraction and Religious Vömit in 2016, comes on clear vinyl with red blood splatter and a poster, all housed in a gatefolded sleeve.

Limited to 500 copies.

There is 2 more versions released:

50 copies with a diffrent artwork (exclusive cover art)

90 copies with a Håll Det Äkta patch, dont know the color of the vinyls am afraid.

(Sorry for the bad photos) but dont like to use other peoples photos.


Håll Det Äkta – 090

This is one of my favorite harcore records, straight in yo face:)

Umeå HC will never let you down, so sad to see them break up.

BUT we will always hope they are comming back again and if they dont we always have the music and the mark that they left behind for us to carry on.

Released by The Underground Fraction on 31 Oct 2013 on clear vinyl with orange splatter.

Limited to 300 copies.

Get it here Bandcamp  or go to The Underground Fraction or just order it here MonumentHQ.