Ghost – Meliora (Swedish Version)

Here is a question for you, if you like i like to collect all versions of a record..

Dont you get a little cranky when you see that there is like 31 diffrent editions released and you just know you dont gonna get all of them?

So i just collect the ones i find, simple huh? no i want it all..

This is still in shrink and is never to be opended.

Limited to 1500 on clear yellow vinyl.


Discharge – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Promo Japan Edition)

This promo version is in beautiful shape so i knew i had to get it from my good friend who has a record shop and recently want to japan on a buisness trip.

Forever greatful 🙂

The diffrence between the regular version and the promo is that the labels are white on the promo version and green on the regular version.

Btw the obi says here instead of hear on both versions, just love the japanese spelling 🙂