Ghost – Popestar (12″)

Comes with black cardboard inner-sleeve.

Nothing more to say about this european version, amasing new songs as usual:)


Discharge – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Promo Japan Edition)

This promo version is in beautiful shape so i knew i had to get it from my good friend who has a record shop and recently want to japan on a buisness trip.

Forever greatful 🙂

The diffrence between the regular version and the promo is that the labels are white on the promo version and green on the regular version.

Btw the obi says here instead of hear on both versions, just love the japanese spelling 🙂

Linkan – Almighty Bigalizer (Testpress)

Got this TP of one of my all time favorite hip hop artists today.

Very pleased to have a testpress of this in my collection since am certain that this album is one of the best album to come out of the swedish hip hop scene in a long time.

If you done have a copy of it go here and get yourself one while it last cuz as i said, this album is a killer.

And while you are there press the follow button becuase this fella will get some stuff out soon, and am sure thats gonna be as good as this one.

I also got some stuff of his other project Side Effectz that i dont have, sorry to say that these are not available on vinyl but maybe they will be sometime.