NYHC Barks of The Underdogs (Promo Compilation)

Found this really cheap at a used record store today, not much of a CD guy or compilations either.

But there were a few artists on there i never heard of so..

Pretty cool layout of the whole cd i think, and a promo as well so..

Well worth the dollar if u never heard of Condition before, Check em out!! awsome!!

Now the main reason i really grabed this was of the Agnostic Front show from CBGB’s back in 1985 that is on the second disc, but hey what a bad sound..sorry to say it but it sucks..only for collectors i would say.

Tracklist (taken from Discogs)

1-1 Condition S.o.s.
1-2 Condition Against The Wall
1-3 Condition Nothing To Live For
1-4 Condition Not Gonna Lose
1-5 Fed Up! Aimless Youth
1-6 Fed Up! Return
1-7 Fed Up! Elimination
1-8 Fed Up! Hostile Attitude
1-9 Pledge Of Resistance Nightmare
1-10 Pledge Of Resistance Desperation
1-11 Pledge Of Resistance Disgusted
1-12 Pledge Of Resistance I’m Not Sorry
1-13 Last Call Brawl Small Victories
1-14 Last Call Brawl My Stomach Hates My Guts
1-15 Last Call Brawl We Cant Lose (Live)
1-16 Last Call Brawl One The Up (Live)
1-17 Inhuman Theme (Wfmu Radio Session)
1-18 Inhuman Brooklyn Bastards (Wfmu Radio Session)
1-19 Inhuman Mania (Wfmu Radio Session)
1-20 Inhuman Cursed (Wfmu Radio Session)
2-1 Agnostic Front Intro (Live At Cbgb)
2-2 Agnostic Front Hiding Inside (Live At Cbgb)
2-3 Agnostic Front Blind Justice (Live At Cbgb)
2-4 Agnostic Front Toxic Shock (Live At Cbgb)
2-5 Agnostic Front Out For Blood (Live At Cbgb)
2-6 Agnostic Front United & Strong (Live At Cbgb)
2-7 Agnostic Front Power (Live At Cbgb)
2-8 Agnostic Front Crucified (Live At Cbgb)
2-9 Agnostic Front Existence Of Hate (Live At Cbgb)
2-10 Agnostic Front Traitor (Live At Cbgb)
2-11 Agnostic Front Who Knows? (Live At Cbgb)
2-12 Agnostic Front Fascist Attitudes (Live At Cbgb)
2-13 Agnostic Front The Eliminator (Live At Cbgb)
2-14 Agnostic Front Growing Concern (Live At Cbgb)
2-15 Agnostic Front Your Mistake (Live At Cbgb)
2-16 Agnostic Front Time Will Come (Live At Cbgb)

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