Art Gallery: Ryan Nelson’s D.C. Punk Aesthetic

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Ryan Nelson art collage

“I’m sick to death of looking at my art. I’m proud of it, but I feel like I’m drowning in it.”—Ryan Nelson

If you have any level of familiarity with the D.C. punk and indie rock scene, you’ve seen Ryan Nelson’s distinctive artwork on flyers, album covers, and t-shirts—even if you don’t know his name. Nelson worked at Dischord Records (which he describes “as good and ethical a place as you’d imagine it to be”) for a good chunk of the ’90s. He was also in Jury Rig, The Most Secret Method, Oswego, The Routineers and Beauty Pill, and he designed many of the t-shirts for the Fort Reno free concert series. Living in Alexandria, VA, these days, he teaches high school English, and is a father to young twin boys, but still makes time for music with Soccer Team and Minutes.

Self Portrait With HairRyan Nelson, Self…

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