Snapcase – Lookinglasself

Best Hardcore album ever! Hands down.

Remeber seeing these guys with Martin the drummer from The Band Convinced in mid 1990, cant remember if Ignite played that night or if that show was later on maybe.

Hell of a show, hell of a nice time..did meet the band berfore the show and had a chat, humble dudes as ever.

When i bought this album the first time and came home and put it in the CD palyer and those first words from “Drain Me” come blasting out of the speaker..Pure insanity!!

Now Drain My Soul..Fuck yes!!

That track will forever give me goosebumps:)

Released on Victory Records in 1993, 4 diffrent versions exists on vinyl till this day. 7 Versions all togheter if you include the CD versions.

Limited Edition with different artwork of 575.

Comes with insert with lyrics, pictures and credits. Some copies have different insert then original version from what ive heard.

This is Hardcore History, Go buy one and support Victory and Snapcase if didnt already.


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