All Out War -Condemned To Suffer

All out war has always been one of my fave bands, i remeber hearing For Those Who Were Crucified when that came out and it just blew my mind.

Later when they released  Condemned To Suffer i got that exact same feeling again and then i knew i was on the right path, amasing album.

Comes in 3 diffrent editions, CD and 395 Clear Red and 112 Gold vinyls.

The artwork is diffrent on the vinyls from the CD version, the CD has the regular artwork when the vinyls has silk screen printed artwork and a lyric sheet included as well.

So far i only manage to get the CD version and a copy of the clear red vinyl.

All 3 of them released on Victory Records (VR126CD and VR126LP) 21st of October 2003.


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