Happy New Year and The Ramones


37 years ago today,It’s Alive by The Ramones was recorded,wich change my life forever in many ways.
Sure ive heard of punk before that but i always thought that Death Metal was the way to go,never been more wrong in my life.
Recorded at the legendary Rainbow Theatre in London on new years eve of 1977 and it took them until April of 79 to release it and for me a 14 year old boy hearing this,got damn it was pure raw and it had speed in it and sing along.
1990 was the year when i heard that and glad i did because like i said,it change my life and most important it change the music in general in my opinion anyway.
So as always this day will future that album on my turntable.

The Ramones i salute you.

Happy new year to you all.


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